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“We have contracted Valley Hawk Security as our security company since 2005. VHS has been instrumental in protecting our facilities as well as doing routine patrols throughout the community. We also use VHS for weekend beach security and for our annual Block Party. Since contracting VHS, after hour call outs for security purposes has been greatly reduced. There has also been a significant reduction in vandalism to all of our facilities. We highly recommend Valley Hawk Security.”

Jim, Invermere


“My wife and I have been 6 Month Snowbirds since 2008 and we have been a customer of Dave Read’s since that time. Our service has been fantastic and with us going away this long it really makes you relax on your time gone. He checks items closely and when a problem is found he watches the service person and keeps you informed. Example—hot water tank. Thank you Valley Hawk for the ease of our winter months down south.”

Doug, Windermere


“This is our second year with Valley Hawk Security and couldn't be happier with their service! When checking our home while we are away, they truly do pay attention to details. In fact they have found issues and hired the necessary people to fix them. They look after our home as if it were their own! That's my kind of company!”

Janel, Invermere


“We have contracted Valley Hawk Security for over seven years. They have provided professional and courteous security services to our resort. We highly recommend Valley Hawk Security to any individuals, business or resort communities.”

Strata Council, Windermere


“The Valley Hawk Security team has watched our lake home for several years and knowing our lake residence is monitored and inspected regularly gives us extreme comfort. The monitoring information provided back to us regularly is very important not only for peace of mind all is well but for insurance purposes if required. We are appreciative of Valley Hawk being our watch dog when we are not out at the lake vacation home.”

Duncan, Okotoks


“Dave and the team at Valley Hawk Security have looked after our home in CastleRock Estates for over 10 years! In that time they have done prompt weekly checks in and out and have shoveled the snow as needed also! Always on time, always attention to detail and always prompt with the report. Would recommend their security and watch services to anyone with a home in the Invermere area.”

Phil, Central Alberta


“We have hired Valley Hawk Security to look after our home since its inception and will continue to do so. The oversight of our home when we are not there is very important to us. Several alarms have gone off over the years and were quickly attended to. Our water filtration system has leaked on three occasions and that was caught by David. We would highly recommend Valley Hawk Security.”

Donna, Windermere


“My wife and I have been customers of Dave and Valley Hawk security for over 12 years. Dave and his team have always been very diligent in identifying and notifying us of any issues. Their team is very professional and reliable which really reflects well on their commitment to their customers. Above all, Dave and his team are very friendly and easy to work with. My wife and I have really enjoyed being customers of Dave and the Valley Hawk team since meeting them 12 years ago.”

Dean, Calgary


“We have been using Valley Hawk Security for many years now, our experience has been very positive. Dave has been punctual and goes above and beyond his responsibilities to make sure everything is taken care of. I feel safe and secure leaving our property and home with Valley Hawk Security whenever we go away for short or long trips, he has always been there to look after our home. We would feel very happy and comfortable referring Valley Hawk Security to anyone for their services.”

Dawn, Windermere


“We have used Valley Hawk Security for both Construction and Residential Service for several years. At all times this professional service was good value and accomplished the needed security. The reports, signage and response to problems, were very prompt.”

Douglas, Radium Hot Springs


“We built a home in the valley 3.5 years ago and as our main residence is in Calgary we knew as non full time residents we would need security help. We met with David Read and immediately felt very comfortable with his friendly easy manner. We value his service and feel very secure knowing that when we are not there that Valley Hawk are taking good care of our home for us. We highly recommend them for your security needs and other services they offer.”

Lynn, Calgary


“Dave Read of Valley Hawk Security along with his team, have been watching our cabin for the last 8 years. They check our cabin very thoroughly for power outages, leaks or anything out place that needs our attention. They never hesitate to act on additional requests that may concern me like checking propane levels and shutting sprinkler system off. They are very thorough and we feel very confident that our home away from home is in secure hands.”

Larry, Calgary


“We have been using Valley Hawk Security for 7 years and have been very pleased with the service that we have received from them. They have been consistent and reliable in looking out for our home and they do whatever they can to help deal with any issues that may arise. We feel that our house is in good hands under their company.”

Shannon, Texas


“We have used Valley Hawk security services for many years and this provides us peace of mind when away. David also provides access for others we need to do maintenance work when we can't personally be there."

Andy, Invermere


“We have been using Valley Hawk Security for our security needs for the past 10 years. The most important thing they do is ‘they are there for us when we can’t be’. They physically check our house inside and out. They are a key holder and have responded to alarm incidents at our house. They also have helped us out numerous times by giving entrance (with our permission) to plumbers and electricians that need to do work in our home. I can't say enough about how Valley Hawk Security have helped us out and more importantly the secure piece of mind they give us by being there for us when we can't be. Thank you Valley Hawk Security!”

Ken & Myrna, Calgary 


“Valley Hawk Security is a great company. A recreational property is a significant investment and knowing that Dave and his team are keeping that investment secure gives us true peace of mind. It makes the beauty of Invermere and the Columbia Valley that much easier to enjoy."

Jason and Sandra, Calgary


“We hired Valley Hawk Security to keep an eye on our cabin after a break in. It has been very reassuring to know that our property is checked on a regular basis and that we will be notified promptly of any issues.”

Lori, Calgary


“David has been checking our house for at least six years, he has done a great job for us, when our low temperature monitor goes off, or a motion sensor goes off, David comes out at night and checks to make sure there are no issues. He picks up our mail weekly and sends us parcels when needed to our location. David has done a great job for us and eliminates any worries while we are away.”

Pete, Radium Hot Springs 


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Valley Hawk Security is fully insured and licensed pursuant to the BC Security Services Act, and is an award-winning member of the Radium and Columbia Valley Chambers of Commerce.

About Valley Hawk Security

Valley Hawk Security is a professional security company established in 2005 and offering mobile patrols, security guards, house sitting/property checks, alarm response and key holding. We are based in Invermere, BC and serve the East Kootenay/Columbia Valley region of British Columbia from Golden to Cranbrook, including Field, Parson, Spillimacheen, Edgewater, Panorama, Radium Hot Springs,  Windermere, Fairmont Hot Springs, Canal Flats and Kimberley. Valley Hawk Security is  local, reliable, fully licensed and insured, and dedicated to your peace of mind.


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